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November 19, 2014

Out Now - Richard Durand & Fisher - In Your Hands - The Remixes

With Richard’s Original version out, about and already having skimmed the very highest reaches of the Beatport trance chart, its time to put some equally fine remixes in (yes!) your hands! In that… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

'Tomorrow Never Was' - The Debut Album From Majera

Over the last 2 and a ½ years, in quick succession, Solarstone’s Touchstone Recordings have delivered some 30… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Orkidea - Purity - Out Now On Touchstone Recordings

There’s nothing purer than ‘Purity’ itself - something ably demonstrated by Orkidea’s first outing for Pure Trance… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

New From VANDIT Records: Eddie Bitar - Follow Me / Liberty

Eddie Bitar has had a ‘singularly’ eventful time of late! ‘Metal Mouth’ & ‘Meloque’ opened his 2014 case-file… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

'Subculture - The Residents' Mixed By John O'Callaghan, Will Atkinson and The Noble Six

Subculture by name, now maybe more super-culture by nature, over its 5 ever-developing years, John O’Callaghan’s… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger & JES - Glitter And Gold

Roger Shah a.k.a. Sunlounger & JES are no strangers when it comes to writing classics. Both have penned their fair… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Cosmic Gate & Kristina Antuna - Alone - Inc. Maor Levi Remix - Out Soon

By turns, ‘Falling Back’, ‘Fair Game’ and Electronic Family’s 2014 anthem ‘Telefunken’ came… and conquered. Most… READ MORE >>