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October 30, 2014

WIN! Solarstone’s Pure Trance – The Story So Far…

Ah, October!! Once that rubbishy no-mans-land wedged between summer's last surge and the build-up to the festive season… Now though, for electronic music lovers, you're hard-pressed to pick a… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

Paul van Dyk Pres. VANDIT Winter Night 2014 // New single 'Only In A Dream' out November 7th

Christmas… It seems an age away, right? Well as every clued-up clubber knows, Old Father Time tends to run a whole… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

New From VANDIT Records: Genix - Lux

It’s now probably safe to say… ‘How good a 12 months is Genix having!!?’ For VANDIT Records alone that’s meant a… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

New From VANDIT Recordings: Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sacred Heart

In the last 12 months alone ‘Magnum’, ‘A Night Outside’ and ‘Trancemission 2014’ have all honored VANDIT’s (and… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

Giuseppe Ottaviani & Alana Aldea - In This Together

Trance has gotten the colour back in its cheeks over the last 12 months… and that colour, more often than not, has… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

New On VANDIT Recordings: Extravagance SL - Kurai

Those new rulers of the darker trance arts (not to mention opaquely mysterious titles) return… But a few short… READ MORE >>
Oct 28, 2014

Forthcoming From VANDIT Records: Ben Nicky, Thomas Mengel & Sue McLaren - Heart Go

The music of Ben Nicky (of ‘Brave Heart’ fame, and two dozen or more floor-whackers besides!), you’re already most… READ MORE >>